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How Do I Get Myself or My Child Started?

Please visit the SUBMISSIONS page on our website. Choose the area you wish to apply for. You will need to fill out a submission form including your stats (i.e. height, weight, age, etc.) as well as your contact information. You will be prompted to upload some photos and a resume (if you have one).

We NEED to see photos (these are not required to be professional) and/or links to any additional media you have (voice-clips, YouTube videos, etc.) so can we screen your application and before proceeding to the physical audition phase. If we are interested in meeting you or your child, we will contact you within 1-4 weeks of your submission.

If you do not hear from us, please wait for 4 weeks before sending an email to enquire about the status of your submission. NO PHONE CALLS PLEASE.

What Services Does ROAD14 Offer?
  • A Talent Agency that discovers, represents and develops young talent in Africa
  • A Production Company that will create African content for young audiences powered by young talented people
  • A Record Label that will focus on music and label support for children
  • Advisory/Training Services for filmmakers who work with young people
Can Any Kid Sign Up for a ROAD14 Studio Workshop?


The workshops are avenues to learn from industry experts to improve various ‘creative’ skills.

Does Being a Part of a Workshop Certify that He/She Belongs to Road 14's Talent Agency

No it does not. 

Our workshops make creative development available for all Kids. You would need to submit an application to join the Talent Agency

Are There Any Costs Or Fees Required to be Represented by ROAD14 Talent Agency?

Absolutely not. The only way our agency makes money is if you make money!

Road14 Talent Agency operates on a commission basis and does not charge any cost upfront.

Can I be Part of Both the Talent Agency, Media House and the Record Label?

The selection process for the record label is independent of the application process for the talent agency. To audition for the record label, you have to apply once the application opens up on the website (check our social platforms for updates).

In regards to the media house, we are always looking for new talent, so sign up!

If Offered Representation, Do I (Or my Child) need Professional Headshots? How do I Obtain them?

YES! We are responsible for your headshots.

Professional headshots are one of the keys to success in this business. It is like a cover letter and resume for a job interview. Agents use an actor’s headshot and resume to submit them for projects.

Without a professional headshot, you will absolutely look unprofessional.

Leave that to us, once you sign with us, we will take care of your headshot with our resident photographer.

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